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It's happening!

We're finally ready to show you the two new maps we've been working on. Remember - those are not yet 100% done, the optimization is not there yet - as with everything, things are bound to change and improve over the coming months.

Please let us know about any issues you encounter on those new maps - especially when it comes to collision and sneaky glitch spots.

We've also finally fixed a big bug with hitreg - after this update shooting should feel much better. It was related to quickscoping fixes, which in turn made ADS spread calculation not work properly. There are also some cool changes in footstep audio, textured Mobile Spawn Point and a lot of other improvements and fixes - just see for yourself.

PTE 0.6.1 Patch Notes

  • New Warzone map: Smolensk,
  • New Warzone map: Polyarny,
  • Tweaks to player movement sounds,
  • Nonverbal Pain expressions,
  • Turning footsteps fix,
  • Player suppressors sound is now quieter,
  • Fixes for radial menu sounds,
  • Hitreg fixes - removed desync between server ADS and client ADS,
  • Fixed aiming offset when changing to side optic while reloading,
  • Improved data managment. Should eliminate infinite loading screens and long loading times - more testing needed!
  • 2 possible crash fixes,
  • Fixed magazine funnels colliding with the drum mag on the AK15,
  • DMG Nine-Mili bullet speed fix,
  • Swaped MRAP meshes and texture for proper ones,
  • Armor piercing info + minor SA80 attachment correction,
  • Fixed a problem with Vepr's barrels,
  • Vepr built-in iron sight correction,
  • SA80 default magazine correction,
  • Cleaned some compatibility between attachments in customization,
  • Fixed disapearing capture point marker while objective has been changed,
  • Better refreshing for color and visbility of markers,
  • Fixed markers update after settings changed,
  • Fixed invisible world position markers,
  • Impact grenade particle fix,
  • Fixed size of markers when visibility is changed,
  • Fixed marker size when texture is loaded,
  • AK15 handguard name fix,
  • Foliage for low quality hotfix,
  • Disabled selecting yourself in Squad radial menu,
  • Capture points are on Radial Menu list only while really exists,
  • Minor replication fixes,
  • Markers optimization pass,
  • User FOV setting is no longer saved each time weapon synchronizes, only when it's changed by the user,
  • Added PlayerController caching,
  • Removed unused log in tick,
  • ESC and returing to previous option instead of removing entire widget,
  • Special modes for different wheels simulation while proxy meshes are enabled (vehicle suspension optimization),
  • Character tick module loading optimization,
  • Removed saving settings to file on BeginPlay() of PlayerContoller,
  • Cached marker pointer,
  • Disabled occlusion checking for restore component,
  • Weapon tick optimization,
  • Disabled calculating weapon targeting blend for simulated clients,
  • Added VoiceChat input to settings,
  • Adding new destruction blueprint for Quadrocopter when shot down by player - it should no longer explode when shot down,
  • Radial menu setup for all game modes,
  • Neutral vehicle placement and balance - Warzone maps,
  • Radial entity attack defend only available in Warzone,
  • Proper HUD for MRAP,
  • Reducing Max speed in reverse gear for MRAP,
  • BTK info added to every weapon,
  • Adjustment of radial menu for quick and intuitive use - first pass,
  • Voice chat default input as tilde ( ~ ).

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