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Here we go with another one. This patch is making some serious changes to vehicle hitreg and some other aspects of the game, so we want to test it on the PTE before pushing it to Live, to avoid any problems. Anyone that can, please help us test this feature, it should make the Heli Drone register RPG and bullet hits properly. We are aware of the Heli Drone being hard to shoot down, but it might not be so OP once you can actually hit it - so let's test it!

PTE 0.6.9 Patch Notes
  • Airstrike rebalance: prices and damage (Hellfire and Stormbreaker),
  • Decreased bonus points for vehicle destruction,
  • Hit registration from characters also applies to vehicles - Heli Drone should be now hittable with RPGs,
  • Waiting for level to load after spawn - Vehicle will not simulate physics in time of waiting, shouldn't fall through the world,
  • Fixed crash on strike drop,
  • Vehicles can no longer drive on surfaces that character can't step on,
  • Fixed VOIP audio volume slider not working in settings,
  • Incorrect positioning of sounds,
  • Added walkable slope to radar curb that was blocking player movement on C1 on Smolensk,
  • Added new material to collision meshes for correct grass footsteps sounds on Berlin and Warsaw,
  • Some fixes to Juno Grip availability in customization,
  • Fixed applying skins on Boxer,
  • Fixes for Leopard 2 PSO armor
  • Updated Buggy's collision so it can't climb walls while driving backwards,
  • Fixed flickering markers,
  • Loitering Ammo camouflage,
  • Quadrocopter now can fly through the windows on Smolensk,
  • Added extra covers on Smolensk,
  • Created some additional magazines for better fitment,
  • Proper HUD naming for vehicles,
  • Maximum texture size reduced on all levels for objects that had it set too high,
  • Added simplified version of bushes on Polyarny,
  • Foliage draw distance fixes and other fixes on Polyarny.
  • Collision and stream distance fixes on Polyarny,
  • Removed unnecessary props,
  • Deleted engines customization option (it wasn't doing anything),
  • New military nets on Smolensk.

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