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Hello soldiers!

Here we have another update with some new stuff to test. We've got a new weapon, vehicle, grenade and winter camouflage skins. There is also a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. Also, the issues with users stuck at authenticating screen should be solved for Asia.

PTE 0.6.10 Patch Notes

  • New Vehicle - Commando 4x4
  • New Weapon - M417
  • New Grenade - Impact
  • New Camos - Winter
  • Packs with resources are now spawned in special places on maps

  • Sounds Bugfixes
  • Level streaming and soldier falling under map bugfixes
  • Fixed length of minimap available after calling UAV

  • More battlepoints for destroying vehicles with Airstrike
  • Drones and Air Strikes balance improvement
  • "Fog Enabled" option replaced with "Volumetric Fog" changing between
  • better quality and performance
  • Improved world-space icons visibility (shadow added under icons and texts)
  • Improved loading screens
  • Better vaulting over Destroy Packs
  • Dropped weapons stays on ground for longer time
  • Separated headshot and killing headshot marker color
  • Mouse scroll in vehicles changes ammo
  • Ally soldiers icons are now visible through level (same way as squad icons)
  • Giftcodes system added
  • Bullets penetration tweaks
  • Better collisions of dropped weapons
  • Fixed not working lasers
  • Longer visibility of marked soldiers
  • Better player suppression sounds

Thank you all, we sincerely appreciate your endless devotion to World War 3!

Have a great weekend,

- Captain Price

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