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Welcome to Role Guide #3!

This week we’re laying down suppressive fire with one of the hardest hitting roles in Hell Let Loose – the Machine Gunner.

The Machine Gunner

As a Machine Gunner, your main responsibility will be to provide heavy suppression on enemy units and positions. With a high rate of fire and a large ammo count, this role excels at holding down a field of fire from a fixed position whilst their unit pushes forward.

Key Duties

Suppressing Fire

Machine gunners are unparalleled amongst the 14 infantry roles when it comes to zone control and suppressive fire. However, in order to achieve this, you must first set yourself up by deploying your bipod. Deploying your bipod will leave you immobile, but will allow you to aim down sight, increasing accuracy and lowering recoil. To deploy your bipod, simply approach any hard object (including the ground) and press F when prompted.

When engaging the enemy with your unit, you should aim to be set up on your bipod before the main encounter begins. A unit that manages to stop the opposition from setting up their own Machine Gunner in a prime location will have a significant advantage. In the likely scenario that you’re not afforded this opportunity, you should quickly seek out a suitable bipod position that gives you the most beneficial firing options and return fire.

Officer’s Wrath

When playing as the Machine Gunner, you’ll be packing a large portion of your unit’s firepower. Because of this, it’s important to work closely with your Officer to ensure that their strategy is seen through.

For example, when looking to defend a strongpoint your Officer will likely base their defensive strategy around you. It’s vital that you listen to your Officer’s plan, failure to do so could leave an exploitable gap in your unit’s defences and your allies being overrun. That being said, if you have an alternative strategy, make sure to discuss it with your Officer as it may be the better option!

American Machine Gunner Loadout
  • Browning M1919 (Machine gun)
  • Colt M1911 (Pistol)
  • Bandage

German Machine Gunner Loadout
  • MG42 (Machine gun)
  • Walther P38 (Pistol)
  • Bandage

Combat Tips

Brace yourself – Whilst Machine Gunners are most effective when holding down a field of fire, in a desperate situation they can hold the RMD to brace fire. This fires their weapon from the hip, limiting accuracy and making you an easy target, so use it sparingly… Or if you’re clearing a building.

Know your surroundings – Machine Gunners will find themselves relatively stationary for a large portion of their combat time, therefore it’s important to know what’s around you. Unlike other infantry roles, your mobility is severely hampered when you’re aiming, so make a mental note of where you can be flanked, shot from or penned in from. Whilst you’re at it, have an escape route planned too!

Patience is a virtue – If you’ve set-up your bipod and found yourself watching a chokepoint or contested path, patience can have big rewards. If you see an enemy soldier emerge from cover, unaware of your presence, it can pay off to wait a few seconds before opening fire. Why? Because where there’s one soldier, there’s normally their unit too! This can make the difference between one elimination and a unit wipe.

Light them up – When firing your machine gun, you’ll notice that some of your rounds are tracer rounds! These are an effective way to highlight enemy positions, not only for your unit, but surrounding allies. Whilst you’re suppressing an enemy position, your allies will be able to focus in on where you’re shooting to aid in taking out the opposition.

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