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Welcome to Role Guide #4!

This week we’re looking at a flexible, hard hitting role – the Automatic Rifleman.

If you missed the previous guide where we looked at the Machine Gunner, you can get up to speed here.

The Automatic Rifleman

As an Automatic Rifleman, you’ll have the advantage of being both mobile and hard hitting. Fighting alongside Riflemen, Assault and Anti-Tank roles, you’ll be in a position to attain fire superiority in a skirmish to allow your unit to advance on the enemy and secure the objective.

Please note: The characters models for both the German and American Automatic Rifleman are currently placeholder and in the process of being updated.

Key Duties

Close-mid range fire support

Armed with either a M1918A2 BAR or StG 44, this role finds itself in the unique position of having both high mobility and suppressive firepower. Excelling at close-mid range combat, Automatic Riflemen are equipped to engage multiple targets simultaneously in a variety of environments ranging from woodland, to trenches and house to house combat.

When fighting the enemy with your unit, you need not worry about being precise with your shots. Whilst you can accurately shoot enemy soldiers, you have the ability to suppress the enemy for your allies. Focused fire in the opposition’s general direction will suppress them and/or pin them behind cover. This is an especially important tactic to use when your unit isn’t receiving support from an active Machine Gunner.

Shoot, move, repeat!

During a firefight, Automatic Riflemen have the ability to kill multiple enemies and relocate in quick succession. If you’ve taken down an enemy or supressed them, take this opportunity to relocate a short distance, reload and open fire once again. This can disorientate all but the most iron willed of units and quickly throw them into disarray!

American Automatic Rifleman Loadout
  • M1918A2 BAR
  • MK2 Grenade
  • Bandage

Suppressing fire - Character model is a work in progress.

German Automatic Rifleman Loadout
  • StG 44
  • M43 Stielhandgranate
  • Bandage

Choke point control - Character model is a work in progress

Combat tips

It’s the thought that counts – When attacking an enemy position where your unit has begun engaging the enemy, if you know where the enemy is but can’t see them, for example a window, fire towards it anyway! The consistent shots will more than likely lead to the enemy not risking themselves getting shot by peeking, allowing your team to overrun the enemy with less resistance and casualties.

Short, controlled bursts – When engaging the enemy at range and going for a kill shot, maintain short, controlled bursts. This will greatly assist you in keeping your sights on the enemy, especially when there are multiple targets in proximity of each other.

Between an explosive rock and a hard place – Having both a mobile automatic weapon and hand grenades allows you to instil panic in the enemy whilst also boxing them in. Throwing a grenade or two into an enemy position, followed up with fully automatic fire can suppress them, leaving them less likely to escape the blast radius. Those that do make a break for it will then find themselves directly in your automatic fire…

Move, but not too far – Whilst Automatic Riflemen are encouraged to shoot and move, it’s worth keeping an active note on your positioning. It can be easy to get over zealous in the heat of battle, leading to a player overextending, leaving them isolated from their unit and vulnerable to enemy reinforcements.

Staying still is ok too – Staying prone and waiting for an ambush opportunity, or merely laying down consistent, suppressive fire from a fixed location on the enemy is a great way to play the Automatic Rifleman too! When paired with the Rifleman’s ammo box, you can successfully keep watch on a given area for an extended period of time.

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