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Welcome to Role Guide #5!

This week we’re taking a look at a class that can turn the tide of a losing battle and make wounded soldiers fighting fit – the Medic.

If you missed the previous guide where we looked at the Automatic Rifleman, you can catch up here.

The Medic

As a Medic, you’ll find yourself in the unique position of being able to revive wounded allies, an incredibly powerful tool when made the most of. Whether it’s a member of your unit, or that of an allied one, you can get them back on their feet and facing down the enemy without the need to respawn.

This allows you to be a driving force for your team’s momentum, keeping up constant pressure as you push deeper into enemy lines, not needing to wait for your unit to regroup following any respawns.

They may be a non-combat role, but Medics come armed!

key Duties

Reviving wounded allies

Successfully fulfilling this role will make you a popular individual on your team and a bane to the enemy! Armed with your morphine, you can approach wounded teammates and perform a short action holding LMB to revive them.

Once you’ve revived them your job is not done quite yet, you’ll then need to apply a bandage to them to stop the bleeding.

After both these actions are complete, that soldier is ready to return to battle once again!

Bandaging the injured

In Hell Let Loose, injury can come in many shapes and forms, from bullet wounds to explosions and fall damage, a Medic’s life will be a busy one.

Whilst all soldiers enter battle with a small number of bandages to address any damage that comes from these sources, you as a medic will come equipped with many more!

As such, if you notice a teammate getting injured, or receive a request for healing over voice/text chat, go forth and apply a bandage to a soldier in need.

American Medic Loadout
  • M1 Carbine
  • Colt M1911
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
  • Morphine Syrette
  • Bandage

German Medic Loadout
  • Karabiner 98k
  • Walther P38
  • NB39 Nebelhandgranate
  • Morphine Ampoule
  • Bandage

Combat Tips

Watch for signs - To assist Medics in their reviving pursuits, they’ll be able to identify downed allies in need of help by a black skull on a red background in their field of view. This is accompanied by a distance marker to help you gauge your distance from the wounded. Use this to spot allies who need reviving when you’re not in direct contact with them.

Look left, look right, look left again – If you see a wounded ally bleeding out on the floor, be careful when approaching them. Unless your unit has secured the area there’s a chance that whoever took them out is still watching. Before running over to revive the downed soldier, check the surrounding area and ask your unit if they’ve spotted anyone.

You’re a doctor, not a miracle worker – Whilst Medics are gifted with the ability to heal wounds that would otherwise be fatal, they can only do so much. If an ally is shot in the head, or dies from an explosion, they will be unable to be revived and must respawn.

Medics in the mist – There will come a time during a heated, intense battle that you’ll see an injured teammate, bleeding out and calling for help as bullets whizz past them. Feeling the heroism swell inside, you feel the need to act. That’s where your smoke grenade comes in, throwing a smoke and letting it build cover for you before pushing out to revive can allow you to pull off combat revives in the most chaotic of situations.

Staying alive - As a Medic, you’ll be a priority target for enemy Snipers and Riflemen. Because of this, it’s generally advised that you stay near the back of your unit, unless required to perform your healing duty. The loss of a Medic at the start of an engagement can be a severe detriment to a unit’s survivability.

Non-Medics, listen up - If you’re wounded you can wait for a medic instead of immediately going for a respawn. If there is a friendly medic in close proximity, they will show as an icon on your screen. We recommend to always try and wait for a medic as letting go will take deplete your Manpower resource.

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