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Hello there everyone.

We know you've been waiting for a new patch today but unfortunately no cigar this week. Why? Because we are working on finishing up on something big y'all have been asking for but more on that later. What do we have? Well we have another community showcase and a brand new comic!

We really do enjoy what you guys share with us so keep it up! You can also leave links to your social media if you are an artist/content creator. Get that free promotion in fam.

Well let's get to it! Here is the showcase:

We have some beautiful locations both above...

...and below the ground.

This man puts the word observe in Observatory

I swear to god, they shot my mom and made a movie out of it.

Primal man does not give a dam.

Obligatory table arrangement of every Slavic household

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all

And take a vacation.

A stroll through the woods maybe

No witty remark I just really like this one

Now for some videos!


Hippity hoppety I have to protect TEC1 property


Memes for days.


A true bear charmer


Best friends are never forgotten

Now for some Q&A from our last post:

  • Don't worry, further improvements including getting rid of the elusive disappearing pots and pans are coming in the future.

  • Sorry about that, been listening to too much Dead or Alive lately.

  • Strategic value absolute

  • Not only possible but already in the works!

  • We can begin thinking about mod support after we leave EA.

  • Yes you are right and the feature is planned. But we are working on other priorities right now and every time I walk into the programmers room mentioning this random stuff comes flying towards my head. Things I do for you guys...

  • We still have a lot of testing to do before we announce anything. There are some sites you can visit in the meantime.

  • Sir this is a family friendly server. Please behave yourself.

  • Well uhm... Yeah... Not even going there.

  • A full list will come once we collect all the music that is going to be implemented (that's right more is on its way). You can already find some on reddit.

New comic! Ivona and Patrik worked hard to add another one to your collection. If you haven't seen any of the other ones yet. Make sure you do by the links below!

And the latest edition:

That is all for now!
Signing out, for the first time (and probably last once my boss reads this), Beda out.

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