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Hello guys! We are here with a new patch and new features, and guess what.

PATCHES ARE COOL AGAIN! Not updated patches, but those edgy things you put on your clothes to show that girl in high school that you also listen to her favourite band so she might talk to you? neither....f you Tina.

Jokes and bad memories aside, we really hope you will like our new patching feature as the art department did some amazing work with them. Also a big shoutout to all the grandmas who sent their patterns in!

Here is a rundown video of some of the features coming this week!


We improved our item decay system
  • From now the damage your clothing takes will be visually represented on clothing with tears and holes

  • As you patch up items, they will never look pitch new anymore but will have neat little patches on them

  • If the item continues to take damage at one point you won't be able to repair it anymore and it will be destroyed

  • Improved new clothing shader

We did some changes how taking an enemy flag works!
  • You are no longer able to destroy enemy flags but instead you need to overtake it.

  • You can still destroy a flag if you are the owner

  • If no one stops the overtake in 24 hours, the flag and the associated base will be yours.

  • The overtake can be stopped by anyone, including you, and doesn't require any additional items or skill.

  • If you were offline at the time, you will get the notifications when you log in.

You can now craft all locks and lock more things!
  • Medium and Advanced locks can be crafted now!

  • For medium you need 3 padlocks and for advanced you need 5

  • For medium lock you need medium engineering skill for advanced lock you need advanced engineering skill

  • You can remove locks from owned / friendly chests. Doing so will add the item to your inventory or drop it in vicinity

Now you can lock your chest and car as well!
  • As you see there is a small lock icon in the upper left part of the vicinity window

  • You can put 1 lock on chests and cars

  • You can just drag and drop locks on the vicinity window and its locked

  • Once locked only you and your squadmates have access to them

  • Added new sounds to urban ambience soundscapes

  • Added sound on grinding stone repair actions

  • Puppets no longer focus on bullet impacts rather then on shooter

  • Flare gun projectile now acts as decoy for puppets and sentries, when flare gun projectile hits the surface it will attract AI

  • Radios in vehicles will be muffled if camera is not inside vehicle cabin

  • We did level optimizations that should decrease the stutters and FPS drops in urban and rural areas

  • Increased item spawn chance at military locations by 10%

  • Increased inventory size of civil clothing

  • Clothes are now washable in oceans

  • We have also added notifications when you kill someone with traps

  • Crafting metal arrow tips now needs 6 usages of toolbox instead of 10

  • Advanced and medium base ball elements (only walls) now need more components to craft

  • Weapon magazines are now repairable with weapon repair kit

  • Fixed some cases where item decay wouldn't work as expected

  • Fixed some cases where items wouldn't appear visually in inventory

  • Fixed the bug with hair rendering issues

  • Fixed a bug where crafting with stacks of items would cause them to flicker in the crafting panel and make the Craft button unresponsive

  • Vehicle inventory will not be damaged by grenades any more

  • Fixed wall blueprints sometimes having holes after returning to them

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