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PATCH TIME! New features, new notes and a new video!


We are happy to announce that from today you are able to get your SCUM private servers from Nitrado! On our way to make SCUM available to everybody, the first step is to introduce more server providers and options to our players!

More info here!![]

Removed on-screen info about the player you've just killed.

Now you need to approach the corpse and select claim kill that will reward you extra fame points and drop the player's BCU with their name on it.

Doesn't work for emotional pain

  • Painkillers now temporarily remove the limping effect.

  • Pills need some time to take effect.

  • Initial duration of the effect is determined by constitution attribute (1 minute x CON). Additional pills add a fixed amount of time (1 minute).

  • Repeated abuse of painkillers has a chance of causing forced defecation (20% chance per pill consumed above the limit set by CON attribute).

  • Clothes decay faster depending on if they're wet, on the stance you move in, your pace, your weight, the weight of the contained inventory items etc.

  • Clothes that reach 0% durability will now remain on the player instead of being dropped on the floor. However, they can't be repaired and they will get destroyed eventually when being dropped on the floor. Please leave us feedback regarding this feature so we can balance it correctly

  • Fixed the issue where high fire rate attack sound was being played after sentry switched to melee attack mode.

  • Sentries will now instantly fire on prisoners detected near critical locations.

  • Sentries no longer fire beyond the range of their line of sight.

  • Sentry positions are now saved in SP

  • Craft button will now execute upon releasing the LMB instead upon pressing it. Pressing the craft button will no longer randomly make the player throw a punch.

  • Items which reach below 20% of their health will now only be repairable to 50% of their full health

  • Implemented auto maintain for all items in flag area once a prisoner enters the area

  • You can now see if a door is locked from drone mode when hovering

  • Options menu text should be more visible on bright surfaces now

  • Updated interior visuals on SUV and Pickup vehicles.

  • Puppets can now climb over vehicles.

  • Ignited flare now attracts AI

  • Reduced urinated sodium

  • Fixed base building elements damage causing phase 0 injury (You couldn't recover from the phase 0 injury)

  • Fixed the bug where additional sounds would play when opening a chest (fixing being audible in drone mode)

  • Fixed the bug where arrows picked up from puppets would disappear from the inventory

  • Fixed the bug when you were close to water surface your picture would be distorted

  • Fixed the bug where prisoner would be snapped back at various map locations

  • Bird spawner no longer crashes the server if the player is out of island bounds.

  • Fixed wooden and metal palisade sometimes not damaging the player

  • Fixed the bug when moving items into a chest from the driver's seat

  • Fixed the bug where shadows wouldn't be drawn correctly

  • Admin drones can now see the owner of certain game objects, such as chests, doors, vehicles, and

  • Admins can now visualize player aiming direction using the #VisualizePlayerAiming command

  • Added time of day and killer immortality flag to kill log

  • Kills are now logged in JSON format for easier parsing

  • Updated kill log with more information

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