Second Dedicated Server - Donation Goal Achieved!

Second Dedicated Server - Donation Goal Achieved!

Good news peoples, we have smashed the goal of $1500 to acquire a second dedicated server for the BigD Gaming Community!

A massive thank you to those who have made it possible to expand the possible services the community can now be provided with.
The second server should be online mid next week, which we will then move all ARMA Servers, Discord Bots and the SQUAD Training and Match servers across, leaving only the Public SQUAD and Post Scriptum servers to run on dedicated server #1.

Apart of the deal we now have with our server provider is a 50% discount if we pay upfront for 12 months, so the current monthly target will remain in place so we can save up the required funds to renew the Two Dedicate servers in 12 months time. We have been promised if we renew for another 12 month period to receive the same 50% discount again.
A bloody awesome deal that won't be found elsewhere.

Those who donated towards the second dedicated server:
TPM (AU$50.00)
LOVE_MY_308 (AU$200.00)
Remainz (AU$50.00)
Remainz (AU$50.00)
Shivy (AU$201.00)
Salty Bacon (AU$300.00)
Guacamole (AU$50.00)
Gloop (AU$20.00)
NightmareTwig (AU$20.00)
Jack humbler (AU$19.00)
Gumbyz (AU$50.00)
ssv8te (AU$51.00)
Haemorrhoid (AU$10.00)
dazZz-666 (AU$15.00)
Maz (AU$20.00)
Guacamole (AU$74.00)
Cocapops (AU$500.00)
Sean (AU$10.00)
Ford_Jam (AU$50.00)


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