Squad Squad/Post Scriptum Monthly Recap - A Long Road

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Gday all,

Been a big month in Squad/PS around BigD with the population ebbing and flowing as we come to the late end of V11, I'm sure the wait is killing you as much as it is me. Hopefully we can see v12 being released sometime this month, however there have been rumours of bugs and other issues(as there's bound to be) in the latest closed testing, only time will tell!


Lots of aspects to cover in this return of the recap so let's dig in.

Admin Team(Squad/PS)


Over the course of the past month there have been numerous additions to both Squad and Post Scriptum admin teams. This has been to ensure we have enough hands on decks to cover most times of the day and even the work load among the guys/girls. Always good to see new faces becoming apart of BigD and the Squad/PS community in general, don't be afraid to have a chat with them, they don't bite(most of them)

There is still time to submit an application however due to the recent flood of interest our intake will be slower from this point.

Friday Community Test Night(Squad)

So far so good on the testing front, we've already covered 3 weeks and we've had surprisingly good numbers! The SWC mod created by DevilsD, Arkanoid and Steez has provided us a great sneak peak into what may lie ahead for squad competitive and even public layers. Had some really enjoyable nights playing with the guys and hope to see more of you there.

logar_aas_v2 3rd.jpg

Moving forward the Community Test Nights will continue to be every Friday 1930 AEST, with multiple mods/maps and other interesting squad ideas being given a go. These playtests help server as a foundation for future events BigD will be looking at running, especially when Modding 2.0 releases and the modding tools provided for both server and client are made much more accessible(Modding 2.0 Recap)

If you have any suggestions for mods or a different time to hold the playtest, feel free to PM me on discord or on this website.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Event Nights

Map Rotation(Squad/PS)

Just before V12 for Squad pokes it's head around the corner we've had one last revamp to the map rotation using a voting system. This will hold us over until the next version, which on release we will reassess where the rotation is at and if it need updating (It surely will).

Post Scriptum has had rotations updated/created by madhouse and the admin team so that we are actually using all the layers now! So hopefully those that were finding the game play stale can enjoy all of what PS has to offer.

If you have and questions,comments or ideas about rotation feel free to PM a SNR Squad Admin or post it in #sq-chat

Rotation Creation.png

General News

As is always the case at the long wait at the end of version, many people look to different games. Both Squad and PS are awaiting major updates to breathe some life back into them. I for one am excited to see Modding 2.0 on the horizon as that will allow for licenced servers to run Curated mods on them. Curated mods being a dev approved mod that still follows the basics of vanilla gameplay(i.e Maps,Factions,Reskins)

There will be some new events on the horizon, both OCE based and international such as:
  1. An 18v18 Clan based competition that Allah and myself are involved in.
  2. Custom Events based around the SWC mod and other map mods
  3. Fun nights utilising overhaul mods; Zombie mod, Dust 2 remake
  4. Semi-competitive organised match mods.
End of the day what you guys are interested in is what we should be playing! So please send me through some info about any events you'd like to be seen run.

Also on the public servers, there will be a rule revision when v12 drops.



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