Squad Squad Server # 2 - Promod

BigD Gaming is one again hosting a ProMod server on #2. ProMod's main focus is to create better designed, balanced layers while tweaking gamemode mechanics and maps to match. It tries to add community QoL fixes and address glaring issues in meta and gameplay on a per Squad version basis. ProMod adds over 30 new custom layers to Squad that feature more natural custom lighting and even some terrain changes on some maps.

It includes:
  • Reintroduces Operation First Light and some changes to the layout of existing maps
  • CAS helicopters
  • 30 new layers
  • TDM Gamemode (very fun for seeding/low population)
  • Tweaked AAS and TC gamemode mechanics
  • Custom lighting changes on all maps
ProMod is a whitelisted mod for Squad, meaning it will appear in your regular server browser alongside Server #1. Make sure you have "Show Modded Servers" ticked in your filters.

Promod is available on Steam Workshop here: Steam Workshop::Promod | https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1431936224
You can join the Promod Discord at: Join the Squad ProMod Discord Server! | https://discord.gg/ZvjZYUW



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Jun 23, 2007
SQUAD, Hell Let Loose, RUST
Server 2 Promod - On Hold

We have been advised by the Promod developers that on map change, it may cause an individual players client to crash in some circumstances.

There should be a fix to this issue by the end of the week.

BigD Gaming will hold off on launching Server 2 Promod until the fix has been released.

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