Squad SQUAD Server Rules Updated

SQUAD Server Rules Updated
Hey Squaddies,

We at BigD Gaming review our Squad ruleset from time to time as changes are made to the core game to encourage good quality play on our servers.

We have recently made changes to our Server Rules in a number of areas but most notably (with helicopters overhead!) we have changed our stance on vehicle claiming.

Going forward the following will apply to vehicle assets:
Vehicle assets are claimed by specific squad name indicating which vehicle/s are being claimed. First in, first served. Locked specialised squads with the required number of crewman roles get priority over infantry squads.

The more specific your claim, the better.
Simply calling your squad ‘Armour’ will not suffice, as it could refer to light or heavy armored vehicles.
If there is more than 1 type of that vehicle (ie. BTR80 and BTR82), consider adding the variant of the vehicle you are claiming.
If you are claiming more than 1 vehicle, include the number of vehicles (make sure you have the correct number of crewman roles).

Acceptable examples of this (as long as you have the right number of crewman), as follows:
* Stryker x 2
* 30mm BTR
* Tank
* Abrams + Bradley
* T72

Also please remember certain vehicles have a minimum number of crewman required to run them on BigD Servers.

The following vehicles require 2 crewman (minimum):
* Main Battle Tanks – Abrams, T72, Challenger, T62 and Leopard
* IFV – Bradley, Warrior and BMPs (1 & 2)

Please familiarise yourself with our server rules: SQUAD: Server Rules | https://www.bigdgaming.net/squad/server-rules/ or contact an admin in game or on the BigD Gaming Discord for any clarification.

See you in the field!

BigD Gaming Senior Admin Team
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