Post Scriptum Update 1.0.133 Released

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We have just updated the main public branch of Post Scriptum with a few changes.


-Gameplay: Radio Operator available at 4 members -Gameplay: British Radio Operator gets a Sten -Gameplay: German Medic equipped with MP40 -Gameplay: NATO Signs on Tank Destroyers -Add: Arnhem S02 -Fix: Armored car top speed -Fix: HE splash damage to infantry -Fix: Various collision fix on Arnhem -Fix: M5 Stuart AP damage -Fix: Stug III lod materials -Fix: M3 Halftrack double weapon visible -Fix: Downscale face texture to 2k

Also for those who missed our Live Tea Time, we have the full recording here of our showcase of the new upcoming map Velmolen with the much awaited US Airborne faction!

Keep an eye on our social media as we will be releasing Early Access for the US Airborne faction in the VERY near future.

~ Periscope Games

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