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This patch will cover a few issues we spotted in some layout but also some new features.

Last week we asked our followers on Twitter what they thought about a sniper restriction per team. We let the poll run over a week and result are as follow:

So we are including this new rule as of today, we'll see how it will play out and decide if it will stay for good.

Another addition in this update, you can now see on the minimap some special roles like marksman, AT and logistic so you know instantly where they are on the battlefield.
Ideal for the commander so he can relocate section more effectively.

Another request by a few community ambassadors, the possibility to add time to a game when they host private event.
With this update, server admin can now use the command "AdminAddMatchTimeSeconds ##" and that will add time to the global timer.

Arnhem Update:
Next week we will push Arnhem to the public branch so everyone can play it, most likely around the weekend. Mid week, we'll host another closed session with a password branch on Steam.
Password will be as usual on our Discord ( If the test goes well, we'll get the update ready for everyone.

US Faction Update:
As soon as Arnhem is switched to the public branch, we will focus all our effort to the US testing. Supporter edition will be able to test Velmolen first, our 2x2 km map with all the American weapons available to them.
Grave and Veghel will follow after as they are still being worked on.

And off course, all this content will come for free to everyone as soon as US testing is complete.

Here is the changelog for v1.0.99

-Gameplay: Restriction on some kits (2 AT and 2 snipers max per side.)
-Gameplay: Special kits can be seen with a special icon on the minimap to help commander (Logistic, sniper and AT)
-Gameplay: Mines can now be exploded by any type of explosives

-Add: Server admin can now add time to their current game, ideal for private events
->AdminAddMatchTimeSeconds ##

-Fix: German forward construction truck unusable by logi team on Doorwerth S08
-Fix: Cap zone name on Doorwerth (Cafe Westerbouwig)
-Fix: UI compatibility update for 4/3 monitors
-Fix: Haystack being doubled on Oosterbeek and Driel
-Fix: UK radiomen not working with commander call


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