Weekly Report #13 - Roadmap Update Week and AMA

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Weekly Report #13 - Roadmap Update Week and AMA

Welcome back, Soldiers! We’d like to share with you some new information on the Roadmap update progress. Roadmap will be updated later this week, but it’s going to look a bit different than it did before, for one main reason: 0.6 did a very good job and we want to keep the same efficiency in all future updates. We believe that switching up into a milestones/goals system will give us better quality in future updates, which means that we will be able to focus on key project updates and give a community clear information about what is coming to WW3 in what order. It also means that the upcoming updates will be larger and more polished.

This way we can fulfil the request of our community: provide more stable & polished updates, focusing on optimization and bug fixing with content being second (while still very important!). We think, and our players seem to agree, that putting more time into updates and treating each one as a mini-release is a much better way to handle things than sticking to a strict release schedule, sometimes sacrificing quality.

We wanted to make sure everyone understands that the content of what comes with 1.0 does not change, but we have to reevaluate some things and move the around to maximize the time and manpower we have. Putting more important and hard things in front means we’ll have more time for final touches and it will positively impact the whole project.

This all means one thing: this week the Roadmap will be updated with upcoming changes and content, with milestones that better describe what the patch is about, just like we did with 0.6 Warzone Patch. Each update has a theme.

What follows 0.6 are:

Technical Update
This update focuses on updating the Unreal Engine we’re using from 4.19 to 4.21. This change is geared towards both client and server performance. We’re still focusing on making the game run faster and more reliably and the new features we will get with 4.21 will help us make the game look better as well.

Animation Overhaul
This is a big one, we’ve redone the animation system from ground up to be easier to work with and extend and perform better. It’s also much, much smoother and should eliminate the animation and movement problems we have now for good. PTE testing on this update will be crucial to make sure the finished system is working as intended and looks good.

Tactical Royale Update
Another milestone to achieve is Recon. We’re constantly testing it’s newest iterations with our community and we are working on it constantly. This update will also come with some Recon-only weapons and gadgets, so it’s a big one. More opportunities to sign up for the testing soon - so keep an eye out on our forums!

Community game mode
For anyone interested, we haven’t forgotten about the community game mode. We’re planning to make it happen in a milestone after Recon, so make sure your idea is well known on the forums and other places - we’re still not fully decided on what this game mode is going to be - there are some strong candidates though!

And more
Each of those updates will of course come with additional content and features, not only those outlined in the headline. More milestones will be revealed as we go along. With more and more base systems being ready and major engine and tech changes finalized, we will be able to speed up and move the resources to new things - of which you’ll hear in the future Weekly Updates.

We’re also going to do an AMA, since there’s a lot of concerns and questions that are common. Questions can be posted on our forums in this topic. It will be open for submissions for this week, more information can be found in the forum post[forum.worldwar3.com].

Our answers will be later posted to our website and in relevant places, so we all can find them easily. We wanted to do it this way because it will give us time to answer questions properly - doing it live is fun, but requires us to be concise or ignore some questions we don’t have an answer to from the top of our heads.

See you next week, Soldiers!

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