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The last few weeks were really good for World War 3 - 0.6 Patch was a big success, people are really happy with the game and we can see a lot more movement and chatter in the community. One of the biggest requests we see now, is doing a Free Weekend for the game. We’ve decided to listen to our players and influencers, and make it happen, since it seems to be a good time to start inviting more people to join the fun.

For those that don’t know: Free Weekends mean just what it says on the tin: you can play the game for free over a weekend and decide if you want it - a demo version of sorts.

Our first Free Weekend will happen in June. We will inform you about dates very soon, we have a few things to button up and set in motion so things go as planned as much as possible - so make sure to keep an eye out for the date.

What will you get in a Free Weekend? You’ll have access to all the weapons, vehicles, characters, loadouts, customizations, settings and so on, and test the game on one selected map on Warzone game mode. This map will be Polyarny, our new arctic map set in the far north of Russia.

We've decided to go with one map only for a few reasons, the main one being that this is our first free weekend on steam in company history and we don’t want screw up this ! It easier for us to predict server usage and how to spool up additional machines easier if we only have one map setting.This is the first time we’re doing a Free Weekend and we want to make it as best as possible - and this means reducing things that could go wrong.

We want to give all players around the world, opportunity to try a World War 3 and judge the game and progress which we made since launch - in terms of gameplay, optimizations and improvements - we’re still here and going strong with updates and changes. Making the game free for some time also lets players that are undecided try it and form their opinions. Additional feedback we’re going to get is also potentially something very useful for us now and in the future. And speaking of the future - we plan to repeat Free Weekends from time to time, to presenting a project progress and invite more people to the game.

Right now the entire team is working hard to preparing the game as much as possible to free weekend. We’ve also prepared a few surprises for this event - one new weapon, new equipment you can take with you and a vehicle among other improvements and additions.

If you want to know more about our plans, check out the newly updated Roadmap[worldwar3.com] for more information.

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