SCUM Work in Progress Update! [Nov 07, 2018]




Hello everyone, here's our weekly update of what's going on with SCUM!

We just released the Wild Hunter update last week, so this list will be a bit shorter than usual, but you can also expect a small hotfix update later this week with lots of fixes and some QOL additions.


Our work with archery is still not done and we're working on improving it.

  • Using the bow will impact stamina.

  • You'll get various bows that are different in regards of how much strength is needed to use them to their best capacity.

  • We're introducing the archery skill that includes crafting better bows, better arrows and more.


  • We have recently started to work on those! Why so late you ask? Well, we have a bit of a bigger system in plan than intended that includes fame points spending and making stuff yours (we can't spoil too much).

    Edit: To elaborate a bit on this, there's a lot to do for them, and we wanna make sure we figure out the best way to incorporate them into the existing world so everything stays consistent. We'll keep you posted as we progress with this.


  • As you all saw in the gif we posted recently, car development is in full swing. It's still in the works and we don't want to give any ETA because in gamedev you never know what can happen, but we are giving our best to make it game ready as soon as possible!

New point of interest!

  • We got a new point of interest in the works for you guys as well!

Nvidia DLSS

  • In other news! We're working on implementing Nvidia's new technology called DLSS into SCUM. If you don't know what that is, you can find out about it here! Nvidia DLSS []

That's it for now folks! Stay tuned for the hotfix coming this week!

Just a small note to clear some confusion, working on other features like archery or Nvidia integration does NOT slow down development of cars or fortifications, so you can stop biting your nails!

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